Why Pay for a professional photographer ??????

I read a wall post this morning between two brides on facebook, and felt I needed to share this with new couples just planning their wedding.

This is the main part of the conversation. “Booked my wedding – Rowton Castle, we’re having 5 bridesmaids, 3 flower girls and two little paige boys so that means 3 wedding cars, groom doesn’t want to miss out so he’s hiring a car for him and the best man too. We decided on having children’s entertainer for during the meal time and a band and a magician at night”.

“Sounds great ! Who’s doing your photographs? Looking for a professional photographer for my wedding ”

“Photographs – no saving money there, a friend of my Dads has got a big camera and done some smashing holiday pics. He doing that for us”

That sounds great. A friend of the family doing the photographs for her. He’s got an expensive camera and it means saving money – FANTASTIC ! Or is it ??????

Before deciding if you want to pay for a professional photographer or rely on a family friend or just someone who does the occasional wedding around their “full-time“ job (the Saturday Photographer as we like to call them) read on – it could save you a lot of disappointment!

Professional coverage starts at bridal preparations and ends with the first dance, capturing 300+ images without missing that all important shot.

Lighting and weather conditions have a massive effect on how the camera is used – has Dad’s friend had to cope with this in his holiday snaps?? Probably not. Does he know how the wedding day timings and flow of events take place? Can he help out when the bride and groom is unsure themselves of what happens next? Can he produce shots during the ceremony when camera flash is not allowed? What about the shadows the sun will make on the brides face or the loss of definition on the brides dress? Again probably not.

Can he show you any samples of weddings? If he can – are the bride and groom looking directly at the camera? If they are not chances are a professional wedding photographer had set up the shot and Dad’s friend (or the novice photographer) was standing alongside snapping away!

It is only with experience of covering weddings at a variety of venue’s and in sun, rain, snow and windy conditions that as a professional photographer I can guarantee top images for you despite the weather. I know the flow of the day; I know what will happen next, so I am ready to capture the next shot before it even happens.

I can show you a range of sample albums showing full weddings taken in all weather conditions – from winter weddings in the snow – to rainy weddings in the autumn to glorious hot with the sun shining down, but no shadows on the face, and every detail on the brides dress visible.

From registry offices to castles, from stables to the finest hotels – I have worked in them all. Churches with good lighting to small chapels with very little lighting. I’ve seen them all!

The equipment I carry costs thousands of pounds – but should that fail (it hasn’t to date) I have a full back up camera and equipment in my case to take over the wedding without missing a single moment of your day.

The other advantage of professional equipment is not just the high mega-pixel, but the image sensor that only professional cameras have. They are twice the size of an amateur camera and they produce sharper, clearer and larger images.

I am also fully insured should something go wrong. This wouldn’t be possible for an amateur as you need to be in the business for a good few years before you can even purchase insurance. Wedding insurance would not cover the photographer if they are not professional either, so if something did go wrong that would be it – your day gone and no photographs to look back at.

Professional wedding albums are only available to professional photographers and album companies now insist you register your business details before they will supply the albums. Of course you can get the story book albums fully printed from many places such as high street stores and also companies over seas – but a professional photographer would not touch these as they are poor quality and cheaply made.

Even if you want a disc package I ensure that each image is individually looked for colour correction, and is full high resolution to produce large quality images for you to enjoy.

Your wedding Day is one of the most important days of your life. You have spent money on the dress, reception, wedding cars, flowers etc but when the day is over what are your left with? Memories – and those memories can be brought back to life with your wedding album, so why cut corners and take risks.

One day – One Chance. I will ensure I get it right whatever your wedding day weather and wherever your wedding venue may be !



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