Congratulations – You Are Engaged. Wedding Photography Frequently Asked Questions



Please remember – Anyone can own a camera, but that doesn’t make them a photographer.

Choosing your wedding photographer can be exciting, but it can also be a disaster if you don’t choose wisely. You get one wedding day and one chance to capture that day. Before you make that final decision, check your photographer has plenty of full weddings for you to look at – not just one or two images from the day. They should be able to show you the albums that you can choose, and be fully insured. The bride and groom should be looking directly into the camera, if not the photos could have been taken by a novice standing alongside the professional photographer. If the photographer says his images are “soft focus” – they are blurred! The brides dress should have detail – not be blown out. These are all little things to look out for if you want to get the best images from your wedding day. After all you are paying for a professional service!

 Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions to put your mind at rest that with True Reflections Photography you are booking a professional photographer that will give you a professional service from the day you book until you get your wedding album and remain your family photographer for many years to come.

 Are you insured? Yes, I am fully insured with liability and indemnity insurance. This photography insurance is only available to professional photographers who have been in business as a professional photographer for over 5 years.  

What equipment do you use? I use two Olympus professional full frame cameras at any one time, with a variety of Olympus professional wide angle and prime lenses, plus a selection of other equipment to ensure I am prepared for every wedding, at every venue. I am equipped for summer and winter weddings, dry days and sunny days, indoors and out. If anything fails, then I have another full set of backup equipment with me so that your wedding photography will not suffer.  

What about the small print? There is no small print. Everything will be discussed fully before you book, including what to expect on your wedding day and also about the album build after the day. Our terms and conditions detail everything fully – what is expected from you and also my commitment to you. There will be no hidden “extras” for you to worry about. Everything is included in your package price. Copies of all paperwork is sent to you for your reference.

Do you work alone or do you have a second photographer? If you book me you will get me as your photographer for the whole time you have booked me. I will not send a replacement. A few photographers advertise two photographers as a part of their packages. This is not required when using a professional photographer for the majority of UK weddings, as they happen in a way that requires only one photographer. It is almost always the case that the second photographer is not as experienced or skilled as the main photographer and it is my view that when you book a professional photographer for your wedding, you should get a professional and experienced photographer. By having a second photographer that is not as experienced, the main photographer could end up “babysitting” the novice. This would result in your day not receiving the full attention you have paid for. I also know the running of a wedding day inside out, so having a second photographer could slow things up, if they get in the way or call guests over that I require. If you really do require a two photographer team it is important to see each of their individual portfolios so that you may actually see the benefits of having them, and the quality of each of theirs work. A nervous or non experienced photographer advertises a second shooter to make their wedding services look more worthwhile for the money spent and sell it as “in case they miss something” – a professional photographer would not miss anything – it is their profession not to!  

How long will you stay at my wedding? It starts at the bridal preparations and ends when it ends with the first dance (unless otherwise stated in the package choice). I will arrive in plenty of time to capture the bridal preps and then I work with your wedding day times shooting continuously until after the speeches. I will then go off site for a rest, returning to capture the evening reception, and I leave after your first dance before 9pm. You can then enjoy the rest of your evening with your guests fully relaxed. All timings are fully discussed at our meeting before you book to ensure we all work together to ensure you get the best possible coverage.

  How many images do you take on our wedding day? There is no set amount. It could be 200, it could be 1000. Every wedding day is different and I shoot what is necessary to capture your day. I concentrate on well composed, well exposed, well taken technical and artistic images, working with the venue to ensure you have plenty of choice for your album images. There is no restriction on how many images you receive on your pre-view DVD. In addition to these, you will receive some which I feel would be enhanced by turning them to black & white/sepia/infrared as an additional choice to the full colour original image not instead of.  

Do we get all the digital images from my wedding? Yes, but obviously I don’t want to give you a bad image. It is often the case that at some point you will blink, pull a funny face or look away at the wrong time. A guest may walk in front of you, or something out of my control may happen in the background which spoils your photograph. If this should happen I will delete these images.  

 Do you edit the images you give us? Yes, every image is edited individually before you even see the pre-view DVD. This on average takes me 2.5/3 days. I check every image I have taken closely to provide you with the best quality available. Every image is colour corrected and sharpened.  

 Should I opt for a female photographer? Unless you feel particularly uncomfortable with men then you do not need a female photographer. The type of images you want during your bridal prep (and during any other part of your wedding) is discussed before hand. The can range from the dress, flowers, accessories etc to pictures of you having your hair done etc. My style of photography is not intrusive, and I will never seek to take pictures of anything that will cause you embarrassment.

  Do you travel and do you charge expenses? Yes, I travel, and am able to photograph your wedding almost anywhere in the world. I do not charge expenses unless I have to stay over night or have to travel more than one hour to your wedding and one hour return. Any travel expenses will be agreed before you book.  

If we buy the disc do we own the copyright? You receive a shared copyright which enables you to keep the images and print them without restriction. You can give prints away but you cannot give away or sell any of the digital images.

 What style of photography do you do? My style is relaxed and contemporary, I use traditional posed shots mixed in with some reportage coverage to captured your day exactly as it happens. Romantic shots and fun group shots give that lovely portrayal of your day. I put you and your guests at ease, working together to produce those images you want, to create your perfect album, to treasure and show to your family for generations to come.

 When will I receive my pre-view DVD? You should get your pre-view DVD within two weeks after your wedding day.

After I have chosen my album images – what happens next? When you have selected the images you want in your album, I will then design the pages. I will try to get this done within a 10 day period of you giving me your choice. I will then send you a proof of the album for your approval if you require. When you have approved this, your album should be back to you within 2/3 weeks.


 Before you book, let’s meet up! It costs you nothing but a little bit of time. As I will be sharing one of the most important days of your lives, it is good to know we gel together and feel at ease with one another. We can do this at my viewing room, at your home or at your wedding venue. This way you can also see the quality of my work and the wonderful albums we have available for you to choose from. Then, when you are happy, you can pay your booking fee and the date is secured just for you. We do not hard sell. Once the meeting is over, if you haven’t booked then, we will leave it to you to get back in contact with us. However, we cannot guarentee the date until you pay your booking fee – there is only one of me and I can only do one wedding of any given day. If you require, I can let you know if anyone else enquires about your date whilst you are taking time to make up your mind.

After your wedding day I look forward to working with you again in the future – from recommendations for family and friends weddings, to capturing future family events – babies, christenings, anniversaries. We have many couples we see again and again at weddings and events as they have recommended us to others – this is the best part of being a photographer, to know you have made someone happy enough to pass on your details to a friend or relative.

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